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Our Heritage

One day back in 1986, two skiers were sitting in a chairlift when they decided to live their dream. They quit their day jobs, embarked on an adventure and started a company based in Åre, Sweden. 

It all started with two questions: why was no one making skiwear that they wanted to wear, garments that combined excellent functionality with simple, attractive design? And, was there any way that they could spend more time in the ski resort they both loved – the little mountain village Åre? It turned out that the answer to both questions was Peak Performance. Initially, their ambitions didn’t extend much beyond making some clothes for themselves and their friends, but the outside world would soon want more. Nights were spent at the modest headquarters designing new garments, working on new technical innovations and packing orders, while days were planned depending on the snowfall the night before. At least 30 cm of snow meant a closed office and skiing, maybe not for the whole day, but for a couple of hours at least. 

In the late 1980s people were tired of extravagance and superficiality. Everybody was looking for the real thing that comes with genuine quality. Functional ski jackets with leather details and flannel shirts were suddenly the answer, rather than neon and glitter. Grunge replaced synthesizers in the music industry and Peak Performance replaced a number of flashy brands on the slopes. 

Today we’re not only two skiers anymore, our small business from Åre has grown into an international company, but our values and our passion remain the same.

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